Jewellery Care

‘Can I wear my Birkbecks pieces in water?’

Absolutely. We strictly make in solid gold (18ct being our preferred alloy of choice) or platinum, meaning you can get your jewellery wet without the fear of tarnishing. But, we recommend taking your jewellery off before swimming in the ocean, at the risk of losing any of your treasured pieces.

‘How should I best care for my jewellery?’

We recommend removing your jewellery when doing heavy work with your hands. For example, gardening, going to the gym, playing golf, or going to the beach. Remove your jewellery when carrying out domestic work. Oils, grime, and other products can adhere to your gemstones and may cause damage.

‘How often should I have my rings checked?’

This is completely personal to you, your lifestyle, how often you wear your jewellery and what you do when you wear it. You can never be too careful, but we always recommend at least one check per year, or after any significant knock to the piece.