Anna Akacich

Manager & Training Gemologist

I remember coming into the old Birkbecks store as a young child with my parents, Joe and Claire. It was one of my earliest memories of being charmed by jewellery – the allure of precious stones and metals and the artistic shapes they had been formed into. This began a lifelong obsession with jewellery, gemstones, design, and adornment.

I feel fortunate to have completed a year of jewellery manufacturing training under Joshua Halliday, which has equipped me with invaluable knowledge of our jewellery workshop and the trade at large. I have now commenced my Gemmology studies at the beginning of 2022 at the Gemmological Association of Australia, with hopes to graduate as a Gemologist in 2023.

With the help of our varied and widely qualified team, I look forward to assisting our valued customers in creating their dream pieces by sourcing the finest gems from across Australia and around the world.